Advanced Certificate in Forestry (2nd Year) Students LO1 Sway Presentations

With the Barony Campus Advanced Certificate in Forestry students being delivered the online Tree Identification Unit Moodle covering Learning Outcome 1 (LO1) within the Digital Classroom with Andrew Treadaway (Forestry lecturer), the newly formed student teams progressed with their collaborative and team-based Microsoft Sway Learning Outcome (LO1) Presentations.

This new online unit was adapted from the Certificate in Forestry’s Tree Identification Unit in which we have covered in previous blog posts. These particular students covered the previous paper-based version of the Tree Identification Unit last academic year (2017-18) and has voiced positive feedback towards this new and engaging online Unit within SRUC’s Moodle learning management system.

As with the Certification in Forestry student team’s LO1 Presentations, each team had taken their turn in presenting their Sway presentations to the other teams. Once each team had completed their presentation, then the other teams would vote through a Socrative poll in which was displayed around the screens for the two other teams to make their vote using an Android Tablet and the Socrative App.

Questions within the LO1 Presentations Socrative poll included:

  • Had the team fully identified and outlined the distinction of whether their tree was either a Gymnosperm or Angiosperm?
  • Had the team correctly identified and outlined the type of floral characteristics of their tree?
  • Had the team correctly identified and outlined the generic stem and wood structure of their tree?
  • What score (out of 9 points) would you give the team for the format and style of their Sway presentation?

The teams were also tasked in provide a formative score for each LO1 Socrative question, which will not contribute to the students final Tree Identification grade. You could sense real competition within these teams, which was great!

Blue Team’s LO1 Sway presentation:

Short video with the Blue Team’s LO1 Sway Presentation:

Short video with the Green Team’s LO1 Sway Presentation:

The forestry lecturer (Andrew Treadaway) will now cover the Tree Identification interactive and online Learning Outcome’s 2 and 3 with the students in the Digital Classroom. With these outcomes being delivered, the same student teams will progress with their LO2 & LO3 Sway e-Portfolios where they will provide digital evidence (including their own images) on the identification of 10 allocated trees. These collaborative and team-based Sway e-Portfolios will then be submitted to Moodle’s Workshop activity (peer and self-assessment) to be peer reviewed by another. More news on this as it happens.

Image gallery of the Advanced Certificate in Forestry LO1 Presentations:

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