CLS Clean Theme

Well, the SRUC Property and Estates Group (PEG) have been busy with drafting in the painting, decorating, electrical and joinery contractors surrounding the new Collaborative Learning Space (CLS) at Barony Campus.

Within the Kirkmichael room at Barony, the electricians started with taking the old ceiling lights down:


Next, the painting and decorators were in doing their stuff with providing the room with a clean theme:


The joiners were tasked in installing the new main glass door, which now opens in a more convenient way for space:


The electrician was back to install the new lighting, which can be raised or lowered:


Short video of the CLS room (as of 1st of August 2018), more coming soon:


One thought on “CLS Clean Theme

  1. Kyrsten Black Reply

    Brilliant to see the development of the learning space – looks great.

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