HND Animal Care Student Teams Collaborate in Padlet

The Barony Campus Animal Care lecturer and SRUC Digital Campus Project Committee member (Claire Hodgkins) was fully inspired after attending the Digital Classroom staff development session and gained the idea in using the Digital Classroom for her HND Animal Care students. This idea would involve teams researching, co-creating and presenting a debate for and against Zoos.

Previous to entering the Digital Classroom, the Animal Care lecturer arranged the 15 HND Animal Care students into their teams, two teams against Zoos and the two remainder teams for Zoos.

The first Digital Classroom session with the HND Animal Care students included an induction to the Digital Classroom from SRUC’s e-Learning Developer (Ali Hastie) and the Animal Care lecturer. This included covering the Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), introduction to the room’s technologies and connecting laptops and tablet/Smartphone devices to their Teammate tables.

The first session also included an introduction to Padlet as the individual team’s collaborative presentation wall. Each team member created their own free Padlet account with a team member at each table progressing to create their team-based Padlet wall for their Zoo debate presentations. This team member would then invite their team mates as editors in order to fully collaborate on their Padlet presentations.

Further sessions within the Digital Classroom progressed with the student teams researching evidence and co-creating their Padlet presentations. So, on the 28th of November, the HND Animal Care teams took their turn in presenting their collaboratively researched Padlet walls to the other teams with the Digital Classroom, which included sharing their digital Padlets to all screens within the room.

Short video on the Green Team presenting their team-based Padlet presentation on the debate for against zoos:

Short video on the Yellow Team presenting their team-based Padlet presentation on the debate for Zoos:

Yellow Team’s Padlet presentation:

Made with Padlet

Once their final presentation session had been completed, the HND students were asked to complete the Digital Classroom Questionnaire. It was truly evident that this cohort of students really enjoyed their experience within the Digital Classroom and working collaboratively on their team-based Padlets.

Feedback within the questionnaire included;

Experiencing the Digital Classroom has been fun and exciting and discovering Padlet will make my education more fun!”


“More time within the Digital Classroom for other course Units would help”

We are more than sure the HND Animal Care students will make more appearances within the Digital Classroom soon!

Image gallery of the HND Animal Care students within the Digital Classroom:

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