SQA, Scotland’s Universities & Colleges Meet up in the Digital Classroom

On the 28th of January 2019, the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) e-Portfolio sub-group held their meeting within SRUC Barony Campuses new Digital Classroom. Members from the e-Portfolio sub-group including staff members from SQA, SPARQS (Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland), City of Glasgow College, Forth Valley College and Glasgow University.

First on the meeting agenda was the introduction to Barony’s new Digital Classroom, including how the Teammate tables and Clevertouch screens work within the room.

Second on the agenda was to showcase the work carried out on the new online Forestry Tree Identification course Unit, which has been successfully delivered to both Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Forestry students within the Digital Classroom.

Christine Wood (SQA’s Project Manager, Digital Assessment Services) stated:

‘The SRUC Barony Digital Classroom is a resource which, from demonstrations provided, appears to offer excellent learning and teaching tools, all of which are designed to enhance learner participation and collaborative learning.  The Teammate tables encourage learners to work together in small groups, linking an iPad to the table screen, and allowing individual students to take on active roles by sharing presentations on behalf of their groups.  The Clevertouch screens in the room also allow easy viewing for discussion across the groups.

One very good example of how SRUC Barony students have made use of the Digital Classroom can be found in the Forestry Tree Identification Project.  Students were able to work in teams, and compete across teams, to complete interactive drag and drop and hotspot activities relating to tree identification.  This collaborative work also involved students creating high quality Sway presentations, as formative assessment for the Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Forestry, and presenting these in the Digital Classroom using the resources available to them.’ 

With sharing best practice to the sub-group, Gordon Mcleod (Learning Technologist, Glasgow University ) has access to the Forestry student team’s (with their permission) high quality digital evidence surrounding their Tree Identification e-Portfolios in which he plans to showcase to staff and students at Glasgow University.

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