Engineering Students Collaborating with Combine Harvester Simulators in the Digital Classroom

Image above: Barony Campus National Diploma Engineering Year 3 students

The Barony Campus National Diploma Engineering third year students made their way to the Kirkmichael Digital Classroom with Doug Goldie (Barony Campus Engineering Senior Instructor). Doug Goldie,  SRUC Digital Classroom project committee member, is no stranger to the Digital Classroom and its available technologies.

As with all students first session within the Digital Classroom, they were all provided with the Digital Classroom induction. The Engineering Senior Instructor split the 12 third year National Diploma students into 3 teams with 4 students within each team.

The Units in which was covered within the Digital Classroom included:

  • Maintain Electronic Control and Monitoring Systems on Land-based Equipment.
  • Understanding Computer Application and Control in Land-Based Technology.

The students were tasked with researching how the electronic loss monitor on a combine harvester records its information.

Firstly, each group of students were given the manufacture’s simulator of the inside of a combine harvester, making the machine work and recording information. Then the students were tasked with how the system worked, which involved connecting the laptops with manufacture’s technical information manuals pre-loaded to each Teammate table’s screen for each group. The students then had to follow the pre-loaded manuals, wiring diagrams and technical information to research how the system worked. The end result and working collaboratively, the students successfully completed a wiring diagram with all the relevant information available that the students could take and test out a machine.

With the success of the two separate two hour sessions with the ND engineering students, which include a statement from one of the students; “one of the best lessons we have had“, the Senior Instructor is currently planning to utilise the Digital Classroom with other engineering course groups.

Short video of Doug Goldie providing guiding the Green Team:

With all student groups over the coming months using the Digital Classroom, they are to participate within the anonymous Digital Classroom questionnaire. Here are the ND Engineering questionnaire responses:

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