WOW! Ground Breaking! Inspiring! Mint!

Delivery and Installation

Monday the 13th of August seen the delivery of the new hardware (2 x Clevertouch screens, 4 Teammate tables, 30 chairs and 1 lectern) for the new Collaborative Learning Space room at Barony Campus.

MediaScape, the contracted Audio and Video installation experts, were also on Campus ready to carry out the installation first thing Monday morning.
Agree on Layout
Image above: Members from the Collaborative Learning Space project team (Karen Martynuik and Ali Hastie) advising MediaScape of the room layout.

Image above: One of the MediaScape engineers networking one the Teammate tables. His comment on the four Teammate tables: “The students have chosen the right colours for the tables, very ‘Googlesque'”.

Further Clevertouch Training

Image above: With the room installation near complete, James from Clevertouch providing another training session using the 84″ Clevertouch screen on the main wall.

James also provided an introduction to the tilt Clevertouch screen:

Room Fit for Digital Leaders

Image above: Rear of the installed room.

A short video tour of the installed room (more videos coming soon!):

Student Introduction

With student induction starting on Monday 27th of September at Barony Campus, NC Animal Care, Certificate in Forestry and HND Vet Nursing students were provided with a brief introduction to the new CLS room. Comments from the students (as well as eyes lighting up) included: “WOW!”, “Ground Breaking!”, “Inspiring!”, “This room is mint!”.

One of the HND Vet Nursing students posted an image on their closed Vet Nursing Facebook group after viewing the room :


Name that Room

Barony Staff have also been provided with a brief introduction to the room, which has also sparked particular interest from the Animal Care department in using the room for their National Certificate and Higher National Certificate students.

The CLS project team have involved the Barony staff to come up with a room name. Certain name in which have came up include:

Kirkmichael Learning Innovation Centre (KLIC), kirkmichael Learning Innovation Space (KLIS), Team Learning Classroom (TLC), Barony Learning Innovation Space (BLIS).

First Innovative Pilot Project

Image above: Topic areas within the new Tree Identification Moodle online course.

On the 6th of September 2018 the Certificate in Forestry students will be the first cohort of students to utilise the new room for their newly developed team-based Tree Identification unit. More coverage of their collaborative and interactive sessions coming soon!


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  1. Kyrsten Reply

    The room looks fabulous – colour choices look great. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

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